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The history has recorded how Australia was once one of the countries in the world, which manufactured asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). Up to 1989, many homes, commercial premises, and industrial structure used this fibrous material for its strength against high temperature and also for its fireproof ability.

The cheap installation cost was also one of the reasons for its massive use across the nation.

asbestos testing Sunshine Coast

However, with great benefits it gave, came a side effect. When a person exposes himself to the fibres, he may suffer from an asbestos-related disease (ARD). After entering the body, these fibres will puncture the internal lining of the organ and damaging it. The scarring can develop for more than 20 years without showing any symptom.

People, who are suffering an ARD such as lung cancer, pleural disorder, or mesothelioma, often expose to this deadly fibres from work place or buildings that are using ACMs in their structures. In recent years, the victims mostly came from homeowners who were trying to do a DIY renovation to their old houses. During the work, they may accidentally disturb the ACMs and further generate the fibres. The fibres can enter human’s body through inhalation.

Thus, it would be wise to increase your awareness to the danger of this cancerous material, especially for you who live or work in a building that was constructed before the 1990s.

The Hazard of Living in An Old Building

Signs of contamination

An ACM fibre is very small and it cannot be visible by eyes. Even an expert can meet difficulties in identifying this fibrous product.

Nevertheless, as a homeowner, you can check your building for any ACM contamination by using these simple tips:

1. Construction year

If you know the initial construction year of your building, you may be able to figure out whether your property uses ACMs or not.

You can use the following guidance as a reference:

  • If the building was built up to mid 1980s, there’s a high possibility that it uses ACMs in its structure
  • If it was constructed between the 1980s and 1990s, there’s a chance that the property has ACMs in it.
  • A building constructed after the 1990s is unlikely to have any ACM

2. Signs of deterioration

After you check your property’s history, you can check the structures for any sign of deterioration or damage. Though it hasn’t cleared that your building is contaminated or not, it would be better if you take some preventive measures, so you’ll stay protected while you’re checking your building parts.

The best practice to keep you safe when you are around an ACM suspected product is by wearing goggles, a respirator, and gloves. And remember to leave it alone, especially if you find dust around the material. When an ACM starts to turn into dust, it has a high possibility to induce the fibres into the air. This kind of friable material MUST be handled by the expert.

3. Take an asbestos testing Sunshine Coast service

Since it’s hard to tell the difference between an ACM and other non-asbestos product, the best thing to do is by taking an asbestos testing Sunshine Coast service. You’ll get a comprehensive result if do so.

Asbestos testing Sunshine Coast insight

As a homeowner, you need to understand how asbestos testing Sunshine Coast works from the beginning of the work until you get the report. By knowing the right procedure, it doesn’t mean that you can perform the testing yourself using DIY testing kits. But it’s merely to raise your awareness about the right practice of an asbestos testing Sunshine Coast job.

1. Get yourself a licensed assessor

A person who conducts the inspection at your place must be someone who has obtained a proper training and certification in identifying ACMs. If you choose the WRONG service provider, you might endanger yourself from the exposure risk.

2. Preparation

When the assessor is visiting your home to do the testing procedure, it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to turn of all air conditioner, fans, and other appliances, which can spread the fibres to other area in the building.

The next thing hat you need to do is limiting the access to the contaminated room. Therefore, you have full control of the situation when something is not right (some people can ignore their safety and disturb the ACM).

3. Asbestos testing Sunshine Coast process

The assessor will start by investigating the building material visually to check any sign of contamination because sometimes the manufacturer put some labels on the product to inform the consumers that it contains dangerous fibres.

Afterwards, he will damp the material, and take some parts of it for sampling. The samples will be put inside locked bags and it will be labeled with information of the sample origin and sampling date.

After all the samples needed have been taken, the assessor will cover the broken part with some sealants like paint or PVC glue. The sealant will act as a bonding agent to keep the fibres being released from the damaged part of the product.

All samples are sent to a lab, which has been approved by NATA to conduct an ACM analysis. The analysis process depends on the methods used and the number of samples being tested.

4. Lab analysis

The most common approach for an ACM testing is PLM (Polarised-Light Microscopy). This approach will allow the analyst to determine whether or not the deadly fibre exist in the samples. The analysis will also determine the type of asbestos. As we may know, there are six types of this natural mineral used around the world. The most common type is Chrysotile, or we know it as white asbestos. While the most dangerous mineral is the blue one.

5. Full report

After the inspection is done, the assessor will combine his findings and the lab report. Thus, you’ll get a comprehensive result, which is useful to create a suitable control plan for your home.

By obtaining a register list of all ACMs at your premises, it would be easier to define the next action needed to clean the contamination. From all services available in the industry, you can find some of the following services to be useful for your remediation project:

NOTE: There are many contractors who claim to be an expert in handling ACM, but you have to be more selective in seeking the right help. You should know your chosen contractor ell by finding some information about his permits and working history. But if you don’t have time to do it, just get your help at Clear Asbestos Removal.

Who are we?

Clear Asbestos Removal endorses B-class removalists who provide excellent asbestos testing Sunshine Coast Services. We carefully select our approved members based on their licensing, experience, track record, and also insurance coverage.

Therefore, we can ensure you that they manage to carry out their jobs in the highest standard of service. Either it’s ACM roofing, wall sheeting, or fence product, they are ready to deliver a high-quality work by following the safe work guidelines and regulations.

So, if your house, commercial premise, industrial structure, or any other type of properties is contaminated by ACMs, our endorsed contractors are ready to accept the challenge. So, leave your problem to one of our trusted and reliable removalist because we’re your number one resource for all of your ACM problems.

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