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Asbestos Roof Removal Sunshine Coast: Important Tips To Remember to keep you safe

Asbestos is a dangerous material, which has been used widely across Australia. Many buildings used this fibrous material for its strength and the low-cost expense in its installation process. Unfortunately, along with its great benefit, asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) also have negative side effects.

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The researchers in the 1970s have conducted some studies concerning the danger of ACMs’ use. It was found that exposures to ACM fibres could lead to severe illnesses, which may lead to death. Some of the most known diseases resulting from fibre exposure are mesothelioma, pleural disorder, and lung cancer.

Therefore, if you live in an old property, you have a high possibility to be exposed to this deadly material. The fibres can be released from any type of ACM installed in any location; such as the wet area in the bathroom, splash back of the kitchen, vinyl flooring, cement wall sheeting, fencing product, and roofing material. Since it’s hard to identify an ACM, it’s better to get a testing service for further analysis. REMEMBER, A DIY SAMPLING AND TESTING IS NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL COST.

Luckily, an ACM possesses the least danger when it’s undamaged and left undisturbed. However, some ACM products that are placed outdoor, like roofing materials, may experience a degradation process. The product deterioration will speed up due to weathering process, which can decrease the bonding between the hazardous fibre with its main component of the product.

Overtime, the fibres can be released into the air and slowly contaminate the surrounding area. You may not notice that you’ve been exposed to them. It would be wise to start raising your awareness to the danger of this carcinogenic material by getting your property checked out by a trained professional for any contamination. An immediate action to remediate this dangerous material MUST be taken before more people are exposed to the danger.

3 choices to Remediate Your Contaminated Roof

There are multiple choices that you can choose to clean your place from the ACM roof. You can choose either to take the cheapest solution or the safest option from a licensed removalist.

  1. Sealant application: This first option is considered as the simplest way to keep the ACM fibres secure. The process involves the application of a particular sealant on top of the contaminated roof. The sealant will act as a bonding agent between the fibres and the product. The weakness of this option is that the encapsulation will need a re-application in a certain length of time. Moreover, the risk still exists as long as the ACM roof is in place.
  1. Over-cladding: If you intend to take this second method, the contractor will install a new layer of non-asbestos material on top of the old one. During the installation, the contractor will bolt the new roof through the old one. If he does the procedure wrongly, he may disturb the hazardous material, which can release airborne fibres to the surrounding. The potential danger is the same as the first option because the ACM hasn’t been removed from the location.
  1. Complete asbestos roof removal Sunshine Coast: The last option, which is also the safest way in handling an ACM roof, is by removing the contaminated roof completely and takes it to a legal disposal facility. Though it may be costly, you’ll get your piece of mind because the contaminated roof has been removed completely from your house.

No matter which method you want to use for managing your ACM roof, it would be wise to be focusing on managing the exposure risk rather than comparing the prices. Your family and also your health worth more than the expense of removing the contamination source.

Various services in the industry

Different fibre contamination cases needed to be handled in a different way. Therefore, there are a lot of services, which can be selected based on the current problem. The services include: Asbestos consultant, removal, management plan, emergency repair, air monitoring, soil remediation, and demolition.

3 safe tricks to get the right help for your roof removal project

Working with this deadly material is not as simple as dumping bags of daily waste. There is certain regulations and code of conducts that must be followed to ensure a secure asbestos roof removal Sunshine Coast work. Some contractor cowboys may ignore these guidelines and expose you to the hazardous fibres. Moreover, the remediation result will be recorded in an asbestos register report for creating a better control plan for the contaminated property.

the dangerous material asbestos across Australia

Therefore, you have to be selective and choose a removalist that you can trust in handling the remediation work. Here are 3 tricks to get a reliable removalist for your asbestos roof removal Sunshine Coast project or any other project involving this carcinogenic mineral in the process:

  1. Get help from someone who is fully licensed: A contractor who has gone through an extensive training and obtained a full certification will manage to carry out a safe remediation process. The type of license will influence the ACM type that can be managed by the contractor. An A-class removalist is allowed to work with all types of ACMs, including friable and non-friable products. While a B-class contractor can only work with bonded materials.
  1. Choose the one that knows what they’re doing: Working with ACM requires strict safety protocols to maintain a safe working environment for both the workers and the homeowner. Thus, it is important to seek for a removalist who know the safe work guidelines and manage to carry out the job perfectly without harming others to any potential risk of ACM exposure.
  1. Choose a complete roof removal package: A remediation project is carried out in several phases. Since each phase has a high risk to the fibre exposure, it would be better to find a service provider that can deliver a complete service from the initial inspection by a licensed assessor to the disposal of contaminated waste to an EPA-approved disposal facility. A replacement service can also become an additional point for the entire remediation service.

You can either try to find the right contractor on your own or you can visit our endorsed removalist’s profile pages and see their offered services. You can rest assured that our endorsed contractors have been chosen selectively through a strict process. Thus, we believe in their abilities to deliver a satisfying result.

Their B-class license, adequate vehicles and safety kits, extensive experience, excellent tack records, and full insurance coverage will make sure that their jobs meet the highest standard of service in the industry.

If you own a house or a commercial building with a contaminated roof, you can get all the service you need through Clear Asbestos Removal. Protect your family from ACMs at all cost and trust your problem to our endorsed removalists.

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