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Asbestos is a self-occurring mineral, which was commonly used in building products until 1989. It’s strength and durability made it a perfect material for construction purposes. However, its massive use became a great concern after some researches revealed that the fibres could cause a health problem.

Some of the health issues known are mesothelioma and lung cancer.

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Due to the findings, the government has created several campaigns and released some regulations to raise the public awareness to the danger of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs).

Nevertheless, in spite of the government enrollment to educate the public, the number of victims who suffer from an asbestos-related disease are increasing each year. The inclination is the result of DIY enthusiasts who try to do a DIY renovation.

You may save the cost from hiring a handyman by doing it yourself. However, the situation would be different if the building contains ACMs. The work of cutting, punching, sanding, or scrapping on the contaminated material can release dangerous fibres into the air. Thus, it creates a higher possibility of exposing yourself to the danger of this cancerous fibres.

ACM effects to the body

An ACM fibre is well-known for its strength against heat and fire. When a person accidentally inhaled the fibres, they will stay inside of the body for a long time. In most cases, the body defense system cannot destroy or discharge the fibres. Moreover, they will puncture the internal lining of the organ and create scarring, which can develop for more than 20 years.

During the scarring development, the sufferer may not notice any illness symptom. The first sign of the disease usually shows 10 or 20 years after the initial exposure. In this phase where the disease starts to shows its symptom, the sufferer’s condition is irreversible and can only have a life expectancy up to 12 months.

Types of ACMs

There are a lot of ACM products that have been used in many properties, including homes, commercial premises, and industrial structures. Approximately 3,000 products have been identified for containing this cancerous fibres.

A hazardous building material can also be determined from its’ condition:

  • Friable material is a product that has gone through a severe deterioration process, which makes it easy to be destroyed just by hand power.
  • Bonded material is a product that is still in a good condition without showing any sign of damage.

The two conditions of the two types of ACMs above can occur in any part of a structure. You may find it in your kitchen splash back, fences, or even roofing sheets. If you find one, just leave it alone and immediately seek professional help.

Safe asbestos removal procedures

An asbestos fibre size is very small and light. A simple disturbance can make a high potential risk of sending the fibres into the air. Therefore, a safe procedure is necessary to maintain a secure working environment.

You can find various services offered by the removalists like:

You can choose either to hire one of the above services or doing the removal yourself. The government regulation allows a homeowner to remove the ACM alone. But misconduct can harm him to the exposure danger. Even though there are many resources available, which explain on how to perform a secure asbestos removal Sunshine Coast work, it would not be sufficient to provide maximum protection against this deadly fibre.

Moreover, it would be difficult to differentiate between a contaminated product and a non-ACM product because the fibre can only be identified objectively through microscopic analysis. The next step will require a more complex equipment and more supporting kits to ensure a safe process.

1. Initial inspection

The first thing to do in an ACM remediation project is to identify all contaminated products in a building. An assessor will visit the contaminated property and perform a thorough investigation and record his findings in a register report.

The assessor will also perform a sampling and testing procedure if he finds a suspected material. The samples will be sent to a NATA approved lab in labelled bags for further study. The findings will also be included in the register report. A complete register data is an important source in creating a good control plan while the threat still exists in the location.

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2. Remediation work

The asbestos removal Sunshine Coast step is considered as the main part of a remediation project. A licensed removalist with proper training certification will always put his client and workers’ safety above all.

Since the beginning of the remediation project until the end of it, all workers must wear their personal protective equipment, which is customised to filter small particles, especially ACM fibres. As for the homeowner, it would be better to leave the building while the removal project is on-progress. Thus, the potential risk of exposure can be lowered.

The contractor also has the responsibility to inform the project, which involving ACMs, to the neighbourhood by placing some signs and barricades around the location. By informing the people about the potential risk that may occur during the removal project, they will be aware of the danger and take necessary measures to keep them save from any fibre exposure.

The workers will start the work by closing all holes and ventilation in the area where an ACM is found. The air conditioner, fan, and other home appliances that have the possibility to spread fibres must be shutdown before the work starts. But if the ACM is located outdoor, a mist sprayer is needed to prevent the fibres from being airborne.

The workers will remove the ACM carefully and place it in a thick plastic bag and sealed it tightly to safely transport it to a legal dumpsite. In some removal projects, a material replacement job can be conducted as requested.

3. Final checkup

After all the threat has been removed from the site, another assessment will be done to ensure that there isn’t any contamination left. This final inspection is to make sure that the property is safe for reoccupation.

You can discuss the remediation practice in detail with your selected contractor. Just be careful not to hire a wrong removalist to handle your ACM projects. Take your time to do a little research to check your chosen contractor’s track record.

Otherwise, you can skip all the trouble by visiting our endorsed contractors’ profile page at Clear Asbestos Removal Sunshine Coast. We have chosen our members selectively to give you the ease in choosing a trusted and reliable removalist.

Therefore, we can assure you that they are:

  • Fully B-class licensed
  • Equipped with adequate safety equipment and vehicles
  • Covered by insurance
  • Highly experienced in their jobs
  • Excellent working history

You can have your piece of mind that your ACM problems are taken care by someone who knows what he’s doing to keep you protected all the time. Give one or more of contractors a call and describe your problems in detail. Detailed information will allow them to tailor fix quotes that suit your needs.

Grab your phone today and seek what our endorsed contractors’ offer as the solution to your issue because Clear Asbestos Removal Sunshine Coast is you’re the right answer for all your ACM needs.

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