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Asbestos Management Plan Sunshine Coast: The Ultimate Answer for Your Contamination Problems

Asbestos-containing material (ACM) is a dangerous product that has been used for many years. A building, which is identified for using this fibrous material, would have a high possibility to endanger the occupants to the fibre exposure.

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Exposure to fibres can cause severe illnesses, which may lead to death. Commonly known diseases from exposure to this carcinogenic product are lung cancer, mesothelioma, and pleural thickening. Knowing the danger, it would be wise to know more if your house, or your commercial property, has been contaminated by this deadly material or not.

Since the ACM has been used massively in the past, an easy way to know whether or not your property has ACMs in its structure is by checking the initial construction year of the building. A building, which was constructed up to 1989 would have a high possibility to use this cancerous material. But if the property was built after the 1990s, it’s likely that the building is not using any ACM.

However, the identification method above is not enough in identifying the contaminated material in a property. The best practice to check an ACM presence in a property is by getting the building checked thoroughly. The building inspection should be conducted by a highly trained assessor who can identify all kind of ACMs in any part of the building such as in roofing, fencing, flooring, and wall sheeting.

The identification report made by the assessor is crucial in creating a good asbestos management plan (AMP). The importance of having a management plan can be described as follows:

  • A management plan will help the homeowners and property managers to understand more about how to treat the existing ACMs without causing any risk of fibre exposure.
  • The control plan can also determine the right remediation process for the contaminated material.
  • The plan can provide adequate information to raise the awareness of all occupants to the danger of ACMs.
  • The asbestos management plan Sunshine Coast consists of detailed information of the existing ACMs, which is shared with all people who are working or living in the building.

An asbestos management plan Sunshine Coast is very important to maintain a safe environment in a contaminated place before carrying out the ACM remediation process. The importance of an AMP is based on several reasons, and they are:

  • Australia was once one of the biggest countries in the world, which manufactured and used ACMs in many building. There are approximately one out of three properties in Australia, which is suspected of containing these hazardous fibres.
  • Moreover, the number of victims who are suffering an ACM-related disease is increasing every year. Most victims are from people who conduct a DIY renovation in their ACM-contaminated property.
  • Homeowners and property managers have the responsibility to ensure a safe working or living environment that is free from ACMs. Therefore, it is important to obtain a good plan, particularly for old buildings that are contaminated with fibrous materials.
  • The government has released several regulations concerning homeowners and property managers’ obligation to have a management plan document for their contaminated properties. Failing to follow the government regulations will lead to a heavy penalty and imprisonment.

Procedures to create a sound AMP

The following information will briefly describe the process of making a suitable AMP. The procedures may be different from one contractor to another. The differences can be the result of different rules administered for a different area.

1. Initial inspection

The first step in creating an AMP is by identifying all ACMs in a location. The process will be carried out by an assessor who has gone through an extensive training and owns a proper certification. His sufficient knowledge and experience will allow him to identify all contaminated products in the building, including the ones hidden behind other structures.

If the assessor cannot determine one material, he will take some samples from the product for the testing purposes. The samples will be sent in locked bags to a lab, which has been approved by NATA, to be further analysed. The lab report will be combined with the result from the assessor to create an ACM register document.

2. Asbestos register

This document consists of all identified ACMs’ information in a property, including the type, size, and level of threats there. The document needs a frequent update, usually every five years, or when a renovation or remodeling job is being conducted and can potentially disturb the ACMs.

3. Risk assessments

Since each case of contamination can be different, an AMP is designed based on the real condition of the contaminated building. As an example, control measures implemented in a building contaminated by friable materials maybe different from a building contaminated by non-friable materials.

4. Reassessment

Following the register document, an AMP will also need reevaluation to ensure that the plan is still suitable with the property current condition.

Several other services may be needed to ensure that the AMP working accordingly. These services are: Asbestos removal Sunshine Coast, consultant, demolition, asbestos testing, soil remediation, roof removal, air monitoring, emergency repair.

These services must be performed by a highly trained expert who has obtained a valid license. Thus, you have to choose the contractor wisely. Otherwise, you may be exposed to ACMs.

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