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November 2016 has become one of the historical moments as the government of Queensland announced a national Asbestos Awareness Week. This is also become a reminder that asbestos dangers are still lurking around us. The event aims to raise an active awareness towards the public to keep them safe from the terrible effect this substance can cause.

This fibrous material has taken countless lives in a long period of time. Sadly, some people can still be ignorant to the exposure that can lead to a painful death. The long latency period may become the reason why they have less awareness when they’re dealing with this dangerous material.

The government, then, try to take preventive act to stop the number of victims. One of the examples is what they’ve done for Anzac Park. The two blocks of business center have become a recent concern due to the finding of ACM in the location. Both structures are proven to contain both molds and the dangerous fiber product. The buildings were also unused for a while. Slowly, the buildings would degrade and release ACMs to the surroundings. With this level of threat to the neighborhood, the government decided to demolish them.

The above case is one sample of how the Queensland government fights intensely with these fibrous material problems. There are still many works to do though. You can take part and help the government to solve the issue.


Just by raising the awareness against ACM that may exist within your property. One thing that you should be keep in mind. NEVER handle it yourself!

Creating a home free of ACM is not an easy job to do. A common person will not be able to clean it in a proper way. However, hiring a professional to do asbestos removal and testing jobs can cost you a fortune. Will a DIY removal become the only alternative available? Definitely yes, if you want to risk your future.

So, what is the best solution?

First of all, what you need to know that you are only allowed to remove a small piece of non-friable asbestos. It can be in a form of a roof, fence, wall sheeting, or any other non-friable ACM. Removing friable ACM can only be safely handled by those who own a proper training and certification.

Should you try to get rid of this carcinogenic material, you may cause dangerous fibres to go airborne. This condition can lead to a broader area of contamination.


clear asbestos removal Sunshine Coast

ACM is well known for causing many health problems. Several diseases commonly occurred are asbestosis, lung cancer, pleural thickening, and the rarest on, mesothelioma. The symptoms of these diseases vary considerably; from person to person and even hour to hour. But the symptoms often occurs between 10 to 20 years from the initial exposure.

Therefore, a fast response is necessary to make sure that the level of exposure is kept at the lowest level. If needed, you may need to eliminate the material by asking help from a professional.

Some basic information that you need to know about proper asbestos removal and testing processes as follows:

1. Procedures

There are several steps in handling the ACM. They are:

  • Inspection, which is conducted by a well-trained assessor. Some contaminated materials can only be recognised by those who already gone through intensive trainings and experiences. The assessor will investigate the premise and write a report based on his findings. If in doubt, he will suggest a lab test. Some samples will be taken to a lab registered for ACM testing. The final result of the assessment will define the next step.
  • Removal will be the next step in a case where ACM is identified within the property. The level of contamination determines how far the removal process goes. It can be in parts or even a total removal of the whole building. All measures will follow the Safe Work guidelines and regulations.
  • The ACM disposal must be performed in the safest way to prevent any fibres go airborne by putting the waste into thick bags and tightly sealed.
  • Decontamination will be conducted after the removal process to eliminate any dangerous material left.
  • Air monitoring may be performed at the beginning, during, and after the removal process.
  • After all the process has been done, you’ll get a document of certification to guarantee that the building is asbestos-free.

2. Prices

Though the service may cost quite high, but it is worth it. You don’t want to risk the future of your family, do you?

3. Licenses

There are basically 2 types of license for an asbestos removal and testing removalist. The first one is an A-class license, which allows a removalist to handle any kind of asbestos. The second one is a B-class license removalist. ; this type of license allows a removalist to remove non-friable asbestos. So, choose your contractor wisely based on the situation in your property. If you don’t know what kind of problem that you have, it is better to consult it with an expert.
asbestos removal Sunshine Coast process

4. Asbestos removal and testing Services

You can choose the right service that fit your current needs. These services are:

  • Asbestos Removal

The removal of dangerous material out of your premises

  • Asbestos Testing

test your building for ACM

  • Asbestos Management Plan

Create a sound control plan for your residential property or business

  • Asbestos Roof Removal

Remove contaminated roofing products from your place

  • Asbestos Emergency Repair

A swift response to handle damaged ACM, which is caused by an unexpected event or a natural disaster

  • Asbestos Air Monitoring

Is the air you breathe safe from the fibers? Go check it out with the air monitoring service!

  • Asbestos Demolition

In an event where the property is heavily contaminated with ACM, you should consider to demolish it.

  • Asbestos Consultant

A registered asbestos inspector that will help you identify any ACM in your building.

  • Asbestos Soil Remediation

A contaminated building can sometimes contaminate its surrounding, especially the soil. This service is intended to help you clean the contaminated soil in the safest way


In an occasion where you suspect some materials in your property contain fiber, you must:

  1. Isolate the area to prevent broader contamination
  2. Never disturb the suspected material in any way possible
  3. Evacuate your family from the surrounding area or room to reduce the risk of being exposed
  4. Use protective gear when you go near the suspected material (i.e. gloves, goggles, protective mask, and so on)
  5. Put your protective gear directly into the washing machine to prevent any fibres that may be carried.
  6. Contact our endorsed contractors for a trusted asbestos removal and testing services.


We have come to answer the challenge. We will connect you with local removalists who provide a complete list of asbestos related services for your residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our endorsed contractors have the right skill and expertise to handle fibrous materials in the safest way possible. A high-quality service can only be fulfilled through extensive training and experiences in the industry.

Clear Asbestos Removal Sunshine Coast dedicates the work to help your life free from asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). With the help of licensed and registered asbestos removal and testing professionals, you can breathe safely once again.

We only choose those who have been fully accredited, have proper licenses, and equipped with the latest safety kits and equipment.

Why should you go with us?

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